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Hello! Welcome to ‘theraweave’, a mental health organization. We're four trained counselling psychologists working towards a healthier community. Our goal is to encourage and destigmatize mental health related conversations in India. We recognize the immense progress that’s been made in this sphere over the past couple of years, yet look forward to everything more that needs to be done. We, at theraweave, thus aim to create a community dedicated to increasing the awareness, accessibility and acceptance of all things related to mental health. It’s a safe space, meant to hold room for you and your experiences while supporting you in navigating the process of self-awareness, learning & personal growth.

Our Therapists: About Me




Riddhi is an independent counselling psychologist in New Delhi, India and carries out therapeutic work with both children and adults. She holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology and works primarily with anxiety, depression, gender-based violence and lived trauma experiences. She believes that all individuals have an inherent and innate potential for being a better version of themselves and uses this belief to facilitate growth and progress in therapeutic settings. As such, she takes a person-centered, trauma & queer informed and an intersectional approach in her therapeutic work.

Our Therapists: About Me



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Shaira holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Over the years, she has worked in multiple fields surrounding mental health such as schools, NGOs and rehabilitation facilities. She has worked with children, adolescents and adults across various concerns, be it anxiety and depression or stress and adjustment. She does not believe in restricting herself to one therapy approach and adjusts herself to the needs of each individual client. Shaira creates an all-inclusive and non-judgemental therapeutic environment. She aims to break stereotypes surrounding mental health to give rise to a more open and accepting worldview. She spends most of her spare time volunteering for animal welfare.

Our Therapists: About Me




Born and brought up in Delhi, Anjali holds a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing in the mental health space for the past 4 years. She has worked with children, adolescents, young adults, adults, and the geriatric population over various mental health concerns. She is trained extensively in the areas of Mental Status Examinations, Case history taking, Psychometric Assessments, Diagnoses, and multiple therapeutic modalities. She follows an eclectic approach toward therapy and tends to choose her therapeutic plan based on the client's needs and concerns. She strongly believes in the power of empathy and kindness towards oneself and others.

She loves spending her time with animals, off-roading, going on long road trips, reading crime thrillers, and watching football.  

Reach out to Anjali for a session here.

Our Therapists: About Me
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